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Book - People Are Just Deserts
Find your personality in your dessert. Learn to lighten up and understand our uniqueness and not take it personally. In this book you will discover over 300 people described as desserts in categories and will instantly change the way we see people.  Explore the  how-to’s of dessert analogies. 

Samples of Desserts:

Chocolate Covered Strawberry
A true enticer.  Likes attention and attracts like a magnet, but then becomes closed or private.  Tart and witty.  A stimulator.  Encourages people to respond.  Appears smooth on the outside but many faceted on the inside.  Single focused, organized and has it together.  Has definite boundaries and opinions.  Expressive.  Somewhat focused but will roll.  Mouth-watering.

Lemon Meringue Pie
Appears carefree, spontaneous, light and fun, but capable of a quick retort when threatened or intimidated.  Can stimulate with fiery rebuffs.  Likes challenging conversations.  Will spice up any crowd.  Focused and single minded but soft boundaries.  Open and vulnerable.  Easy to know and fun to be with.  An excellent teacher. 


Book - Icebreaking 101 
Over 300 questions to stimulate self-expression and fun! Use for journaling and teambuilding. Make homework review fun. Getting to know you has never been more fun.

If you were an Ingredient on a Hamburger, what would you be?  “Edible teamwork.”  Pickle...Onions...Mustard...Bun...

If you were a key, what would you open?  “Cherished possessions.”  A car...a bank...a letter ... a secret...


Icebreaking Cards
A deck of forty cards to use as place cards, icebreakers, team building and to pacify kids while driving.


People Are Just Desserts DVD
A one-hour presentation on changing perspectives and seeing people as desserts.  Storytelling and humor.


Obstatunities Cajun Style Audio CD
A one-hour CD with 14 hilarious Cajun stories that demonstrate how to make Obstacles into Obstatunities.



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