Dessert Personalities

The World's Only Dessert Analyst has a question for you: 

If you were a dessert, what would you be?

Discover how the answer to that simple question can reveal delicious insights into your personality.  Perry A~ is the world's only Dessert Analyst, and she'll show you how you can enjoy the fat-fee, zero-calorie, yet totally delectable benefits of seeing yourself and everyone around you as a scrumptious treat.  Grab a spoon and dive into Perry A's philosophy that People are Just Desserts, and you'll soon discover that everyone in your life has a Sweet Reward just for you!

Perry A~ The Consummate Entertainer and World's Only Dessert Analyst - Sweet Rewards

In Perry A's book People Are Just Desserts, she explains how different colors, textures, dessert types, etc., reveal aspects of our personalities.  Then she goes on to list a full menu of dessert personality choices, and describes each one in amazingly accurate detail.  Here's a little appetizer:

Dessert Types

Cake People
     Absorbing...always learning and seeking answers.  Inquisitive minds.  Analyzers. Need to know WHY?  Curious. Achievers. They stay within a framework and have self-defined boundaries. Structured.  Planners. Self disciplined, dedicated and duty bound, they don’t have time for trivia when on a deadline. On task and goal oriented. They like completion. Competitive, self-driven and reliable.  They get things done. They prioritize with ease and eliminate time wasting activities.
     Cake people begin with the ending in mind and have a plan for each step along the way.  Being decision makers and leaders, they feel confident when they know what is happening. Give them the necessary facts and the bottom line. They are fast paced.  Don’t keep them waiting. When dealing with cake people communicate with clarity and purpose and leave out the fluff. They are private about their personal lives and tend to remain unemotional.
     They like challenges and figuring out solutions.  They like their private space. When fun is their goal, look for a good time.

Cookie People
     A steadfast and loyal friend.  Has a value for freedom and likes to stay open to possibilities. Stays within self set boundaries but looks around.  Creative and playful. Stable and secure. Very grounded, content and earthy. Sticks to decisions.  Definite boundaries.  Crisp around the edges, but a softy in the middle - sometimes.  You can’t force a decision on them.  They need time to pause and process. The inside is filled with rich rewards for those who penetrate the exterior boundary.  They are deeper than they reveal themselves to be. A team player.

Pie People
     Focused and on target.  The planner-goal setter.  Tenaciously stays with the plan.  Honorable boundaries.  Begins with the end in mind.  Knows where they are going.  Specific and detailed.  Good communicators and decision makers.  Thinkers and feelers...right and left brained.  Goes for completion.  Self-disciplined.  Cream pies are compassionate, caring, sensitive and feeling.  They balance work and play.
     Be specific when communicating with these people.  Give them the details and get out of the way.  Given the correct tools they can build empires.  When the going gets tough, they will detach from any outside influences and be totally dedicated to the results.  Concentration and dedication are their strengths.
     Easy to work with, they will let you know what they need.  Excellent auditory and listening skills make them master communicators.

Specific Desserts

Perry A~ The Consummate Entertainer and Dessert Analyst People Are Just Desserts Apple Pie




Apple Pie

     The care taker.  Salt of the earth.  Everyone’s favorite because they are dependable.  A true and loyal friend.  Keeps things light and fun.  A focused, organized, planner but flexible if necessary.  An excellent communicator.  Doesn’t like to argue.  It is not important to be right.  Gets along with everybody and tends to their business.  Content with self.  Doesn’t need to grab attention.  A joyful spirit.  The cinnamon flavor is both stimulating and encouraging as well as full of mirth.

Perry A~ The Consummate Entertainer and Dessert Analyst People Are Just Desserts Banana Split




Banana Split

     High energy person… likes the limelight.  Multi-tasked.  Has many activities going in various stages of completion.  Thrives on variety and change.  Easily bored with single-minded thinking.  Creative.  Likes variety and constantly looking for other options and ventures.  Keeps life exciting.  Has a couple of bananas as boundaries... sensitive and bruises easily.  Relies on self discipline to stay within the structure.  An outgoing people loving person.  Positive with a sense of humor.  A leader and team player.




Strawberry Shortcake

     The Ultimate Cheerleader and encourager.  A command performer, this person attracts attention and has fun.  Sweet, tart and exciting, they plant seeds in people that grow.  They are spontaneous and love being in the moment with people.  Natural teachers.  They like variety, change and beginning new things.  Tend to get bored doing one thing.  Has a very spiritual side.  Compassionate and caring.  Always checking out new possibilities.  The spongy cake base shows a curiosity for learning.  A team player.  Allergic to a planner.

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