Meet the lady who is guaranteed to make your event a smash hit!  For more than 15 years, Perry A~ has been astounding audiences with her uncanny ability to pinpoint and bring out the best in themselves and others.  Let her inspire, delight and move your people into action.

As an expert in changing perceptions, she weaves the connecting thread of how we all are in each others' lives for a higher purpose.  Audiences chuckle as she reveals how the people we love to hate are really angels in disguise.  She began her speaking career over 40 years ago as a Cajun humorist.  Today as a seasoned Master Story teller and humorist, she will take your audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions.  They will experience the highs and lows of all that life has to offer.  They will laugh out loud and leave refreshed and eager to accept life's challenges.

She began her expedition as a southern raised, well-pampered, lady of luxury who took a sudden left turn and landed in dusty west Texas, 70 miles from the nearest McDonalds.  The town was Seymour, Texas and her new role was wife of a Cattle Rancher.  Her path really began to zig and zag after her divorce at the age of 48.  After applying for what she thought was a secretarial position with the Department of Corrections, she found herself wearing a badge and carrying a gun.  After that brief crash course in life, she became a successful entrepreneur and CEO of her own company.  Today she travels the world sharing her message of hope, undying spirit and offering inspiration to everyone.

She will captivate your people with soul-stirring stories of how she reclaimed her powers, discovered her greatness, and today lives a joyful and prosperous life.  Her philosophy of seeing every challenge as a stepping stone to a higher place will leave your audience excited about change.  She will show your audience how to transform challenges into change, obstacles into opportunities, and sorrows into success.

If you're ready for your audience to experience unparalleled satisfaction in life, both personally and professionally then you're ready for Perry A~.




Perry A~
The Consummate Entertainer



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